Top-A TechnologyPRODUCT

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.

Insert 장비


Insert 장비

- FPC auto pin insert machine
- In auto pin insert machine
- 0.4 Pitch board assembly machine
- 0.5 Receptacle assembly machine
- HD-Terminal insert machine
- PCB-Pin insert machine
- Electrical vision test machine
- Fuse insert machine
- PFL seating machine
- Tester& auto assembly machine
- Spring pin assembly machine
- Sim card assembly machine
- 1.0 HDMI R/A Assembly machine
- Auto reel taping machine


- Molded goods loading by parts feeder and feeding to pin insert location accuracy terminal
- Feeding by cam driving terminal guide/cutting/insert total solution included vision test, packing
- Safety door sensor
- Real time displaty on vision monitor and showing inspection condition
- Easy control by touch panel
- Model, uph and time displays on the touch panel
- Longer life time guaranty by high rigidity frame, high accuracy fabrication