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Top-A TechnologyPRODUCT

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.


  • Test book mold

    - For test and sample product
    - Spiral test mold

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    Test book mold

  • Conventional mold

    Conventional mold

    - High Productivity with Minimum Investment
    - Various Molding Capacity up to 12Chase
    - Excellent molding quality

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  • Auto mold chase

    Auto mold chase

    - For test and sample product
    - Any chase is available regardless auto molding system manufacturer (Fico, Dai-ich, Seiko, ASM, Towa and so on)
    - Capable of reverse engineering

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  • MGP and SEMI MGP mold die

    MGP and SEMI MGP mold die

    - Compound saving design
    - Highest Molding quality with bottom transfer type 
    - Applicable PKG : All Device

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  • QCC retractable mold die

    QCC retractable mold die

    - Compound saving design
    - Highest Molding quality
    - Applicable PKG : Full pack To 220
    - Two-step moving of E-pin during molding process

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  • Trim, form and singulation tool

    Trim, form and singulation tool

    - Q.C.C Modular Design
    - Easy Change & Cleaning for Tool Parts
    - Module Change for Different Lead Count  & Form Option 
    - Diamond Coating for All Forming Parts 
    - Longer Life Time -Less Solder Build-Up
    - Mis Feeding Detection 
    - Un-Cut Dambar Detection (Mechanical  Type) 
    - Minimum in Flake Solder Build-up &  Foreign Materials
    - Top and Bottom Module Self-Alignment Design 
    - Anti Vibration & Noise Protection Design 
    - Dambar Protrusion : Max 1.5mils 
    - Lead Capacity : Max 1.5mils 
    - Applied Package : All Package
    - Capable of Reserve Engineering

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  • Precision injection mold die

  • Stamping mold die and tool