CS Center

Top-A TechnologyR&D CENTER

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.

R&D Greetings

  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Design

Companies all over the world are striving to survive in cutthroat technological competition every day.

Attainment of unique technologies in this situation is an absolute necessity. Areas of research and development include three objects of Quality Innovation, Technology Innovation and Design Innovation.


Our Technology Research center members with exceeding work experience who strive to design new products through research and development in semiconductor related equipment market. We incorporate our research laboratory team and education-training team to work together to develop our value-added.

In global semiconductor related equipment market, adoption of cutting-edge goods is increasing in relation to environment safety and convenience.

TOP-A Technical Research Institute is doing its best to acquire such technologies.


Especially we develop high value-added parts for environmental parts which are indispensable for future semiconductor equipment industry.

With our previous history of developing core technology in new field, we consistently create new business opportunities to maintain our position as a maker leader. I hope that you will continue to be with us as we work toward becoming the world's best company.

TOP-A Technology, Inc. will not take satisfaction on the current position in semiconductor related equipment market, but will do our best to fulfill customer's requirement with supplying the high quality products and services through continuous technology development and productivity improvement.