CS Center

Top-A TechnologyPRODUCT

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.



    - Compact Machine size / High Throughput in SPM
    - Modular system Design / Quick & Easy
    - Conversion System 
    - Easy Integration with other Process
    - User Friendly operation with various information system
    - Perfect Quality with Highly Accurate Tool 
    - Stroke Speed Control 
    - Real-Time SPC Monitoring & Graphic Display
    - Advanced vision inspection System 
    - Reject Unit Sorting System (Optional) 
    - Inspects Various Items without Sacrificing UPH(Optional)

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  • Auto frame loader

    Auto frame loader

    - Compact Machine size
    - User Friendly operation with Various Information System
    - Easy Maintenance by Self-diagnosis.
    - 4Axis at the Same Time.
    - Suitable to Quantity Production.
    - Easy Convertibility Type.
    - Equipped Safety Sensors in Every Loading System.

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  • Cam press for T.R PKG

    Cam press for T.R PKG

    - High Throughput.
    - Modular Tool Design.

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  • Off-loading system

    Off-loading system

    - Full Auto Change for Device.
    - Scara Robot of Pick & Place.
    - Applied PKG. : All Device.

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  • Magazine cleaning system

    Magazine cleaning system

    - This is a cleaning equipment for magazines and trays of front line.
    - The magazines and trays are required to be cleaned regularly in order to remove foreign substances and dusts.

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  • Wafer image capture system

    Wafer image capture system

    - Barcode scanner for wafer ID (To create image file name)
    - High resolution camera (5M Pixel)
    - Wafer frame cassette loader (Max. 3 cassettes loading)
    - PC based operation 8”/12” wafer convertible type (Conversion Time: 1mintue)
    - Full automatic image capture/transfer/ storage 
    - Die pick & place of the validity verification by interconnection  with wafer map  system (Optional) 
    - Highest Molding quality
    - Built in Hydraulic unit for Multi Plunger Movement
    - Footprint(mm) : 1450(W) x 1175(L) x 2000 (H) 740kg

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  • Flux tool cleaning system

    Flux tool cleaning system

    - Ultrasonic cleaning
    - High pressure air shower
    - Dry oven (150℃)
    - Pick & place with gripper
    - X, Y, Z axis robot
    - Vision system
    - PC control D. I. Water
    - Footprint(mm) : 1450(W) x 1175(L) x 2000 (H) 740kg

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  • Pick and place

    Pick and place

    - Boat to tray & tray to boar.
    - The Flipper application provides PKG Orientation change.
    - Easy & quick conversion.
    - Vision Inspection System.
    - Damage-free Boat &Tray Indexing System.
    - High Productivity & Reliability.
    - High throughput with Dual Picker Head Structure.

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  • Auto dispensing&attach system

    Auto dispensing&attach system

    - Advanced process control
    - Easy operation and data management
    - High resolution CCD camera 
    - PRS vision & vision inspection 
    - Automatic alignment PRS alignment and laser height 
    - Automated fluid dispensing & attach system to satisfy a wide variety of production requirements 
    - Calibration for dual dispensing and pick & place User friendly operability 
    - Easy device conversion
    - Overload detector for strip pusher and dual pick & place

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  • Laser marking system