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Top-A TechnologyPRODUCT

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.


  • UV Conveyor

    UV Conveyor

    TOP-A’s UV Conveyor Systems High-Speed, High Intensity UV and Lamp curing TOP-A UV conveyor systems offer consistent, fast, and safe cures of UV-curable adhesives. These UV cure conveyors consist of a moving belt (belt material-depends on customer’s requirement) that passes through a chamber area containing multi lamps and each side for fast component curing. Average line speed is 1 to 32 feet per minute. The units feature standard metal halide (longwave), mercury (shortwave), and visible bulbs, or LED arrays, with intensities ranging from 320 nm – 400 nm. The conveyors can be outfitted with one, two, or four UV lamps to accommodate a variety of curing applications.

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  • Tunnel conveyor oven

    Tunnel conveyor oven

    - Excellent temperature uniformity.
    - Complete feeding system for various kinds of cold and hot
    - treatment.
    - Easy different temperature setting per section.
    - Solved noise (Under 65db).
    - Easy integration into existing production line.
    - Highest flexibility in material flow and process.
    - HEPA filtered for clean process application.
    - Custom design conveyor ovens are available to fit all

    - customer’s requirement.

    - TOP-TCO series is feeding and discharge chambers for

    - materials into test area.

    - TOP-TCO series are conveyor ovens for aging, curing,

    - preheating, water dry-off, paint drying. plastic curing,

    - epoxy curing etc. Mechanical convection, vertical airflow

    - or horizontal side to side airflow provides uniform heat

    - distribution throughout work chamber and increase drying

    - effciency.

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