CS Center

Top-A TechnologyPRODUCT

invents and manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environmental testing equipment,
including LED/LCD equipment, ovens, chambers, and automobile parts testing equipment
for sale both domestically and overseas.


  • BIW static stiffness test rig

    - 104 dial gages (0.01 mm accuracy)

    - Loading device (6667N applied)

    - DAQ 1-set

    - 1 bed-plate available

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    BIW static stiffness test rig

  • Door slam test

    Door slam test

    - It"s for evaluation the durability of door by hydraulic

    - cylinder.
    - Also door performance will be checked periodically.

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  • FRT / RR slam test

    FRT / RR slam test

    - 4 vehicle available.

    - Available in environmental condition.

    - Closed loop slam velocity control.

    - Select from a variety of lock and release set-up.

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  • Window regulator dura. test

    Window regulator dura. test

    - It"s for evaluation the durability of window regulator

    - under the same condition of car simulation.
    - Also it checks performance of window regulator

    - periodically.

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  • Handle / Lock / Latch dura. test

    Handle / Lock / Latch dura. test

    - Variety combination handle / lock / latch

    - performance & durability test.

    - 2 doors/console , 2 consoles.

    - Pneumatic actuation.

    - For use in all environments.

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  • Environmental chambers

    Environmental chambers

    - 2 large chambers (2 vehicle/chamber)

    - 95C maximum temperature

    - -40C minimum temperature

    - 95% maximum humidity

    - Inner size : 10m L x 8.5m W x 3m H

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