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Auto dispensing&attach system


Auto dispensing&attach system

- Advanced process control
- Easy operation and data management
- High resolution CCD camera 
- PRS vision & vision inspection 
- Automatic alignment PRS alignment and laser height 
- Automated fluid dispensing & attach system to satisfy a wide variety of production requirements 
- Calibration for dual dispensing and pick & place User friendly operability 
- Easy device conversion
- Overload detector for strip pusher and dual pick & place


Magazine loading zone
3magazines zone
Y-axis : Ball screw servo motor
Strip pusher : Air cylinder
Dispenser zone
1head or 2heads system (Option)
X, Y, Z axis : Ball screw servo system
Z axis by probe : Laser contact (Accuracy 1micro)
Dispenser X, Y, Z axis motion accuracy: ± 15micro
Needle calibration part
Syringe : 10cc ~ 180cc
Dispenser controller Model : Mushasi ml-808fx / Dispenser volume : ± 0.5%
Attach zone
X, Y, Z axis : Ball screw servo system
Z axis by probe : Laser contact (Accuracy 1micro)
Vacuum pick-up tool : Easy conversion
Pick up & place head : 1head or 2heads (Option)
Placement X, Y, Z motion accuracy: ± 15micro
PRS system
(Vision camera)
Inspection accuracy in X - Y - Z axis : ± 5micro
Inspection accuracy in theta : ± 0.2
Good & reject unit detect
Dispenser zone prs vision : 1set
Attach zone prs vision : 1set
Data inspection vision : 1set
Housing tray zone
Tray elevator : Ball screw servo system
Tray grip & ejector : Triming belt servo system
Packing tray or standard tray using (Any tray)
1 magazine stack (in 5 trays)
Operation PC, Touch monitor
Productivity Cycle time : 3sec/unit, UPH: 1,200ea/min
System up time : 99.5%
MTBA : 8hrs / MITA: 2mins / MTBT: 480hrs / MITR: 1hrs
Application package Any camera module device
Power 220VAC + 10%, single phase, 60Hz
Pneumatics Min. 5cfm (80psi)
Dimension 1,700 (L) X 1,140 (W) X 1,600 (H), 800kg


- Cellular phones
- Digital camera
- LED module
- Camera flash module, bonding process and so on